Wilsonville Auto Detail

Interior Detail


Professional Interior Car Detailing Service

Our comprehensive interior car detailing services cover every inch of your car’s interior, including seats, carpet, mats, dashboard, doors, windows, air vents, cup holders and more. Our team applies special techniques to deep clean and sanitize the car’s interior, ensuring a pristine environment for you and your passengers.

  • Interior Vacuum

    Vacuum carpets, mats, seats & trunk compartment, and blow out loose debris.

  • Condition Seats

    Wipe down all interior hard surfaces of dust, clean & condition leather seats.

  • Apply UV Protectant

    Apply a UV protectant to all hard surfaces.

  • Glass & Mirrors

    Clean glass mirrors to a streak-free finish including both inside and out.

  • Shampoo & Extract

    Shampoo seats and hot water extraction.

  • Steam Clean

    Steam clean all hard surfaces, compartments, & crevices, all carpets to break down stains and leather seats to remove oil & grime build up.